Book Inn Textbook Refund Policy

The Last Day for Refunds for Fall 2019 is August 29th!

Textbooks and supplies purchased for Fall 2019 may be returned for a full refund until August 29th 2019.  After that date returns are accepted within 10 business days of purchase. Electronics, Computers, eBooks/Codes, and shrink-wrapped textbooks are not returnable if opened.

Your receipt is required for any refund. Items must be returned in the condition purchased.  Please do not remove the cellophane wrap (if the book is wrapped), mark or write in your book until after your class meets and is ruled officially to be continued. Credit card refunds must be credited to the credit card account used for the original purchase.

Laptop Refund Policy:

Laptops are only refundable if they are unopened.  Defective Laptops will be refunded within 15 days of purchase after deemed defective by the manufacturer.