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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the bookstore carry more than textbooks?

Yes! We sell school supplies, logo apparel, laptops, computer accessories and giftware. The Book Inn is your main source for official Spartanburg Community College apparel and gift items. 

Can I use my financial aid for more than just textbooks?

In most instances, yes. There are certain types of financial aid that is only available for tuition and some that are only available for textbooks. You should read your financial aid award letter carefully and contact the financial aid department with any questions.

What is the difference between an E-book code and an Access Card?

An E-book code offers your course material in a digital format. The code is printed on your receipt which is emailed to your SCC email account. This means there will not be a physical item that will need to be picked up or shipped. Redshelf, our E-book provider, recommends using the latest version of modern browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge). You can access your e-book on any device that has a modern browser capable of rendering HTML-5. iPhones and iPads must be running IOS 12+.

An access card is a physical card that you will need to either pick up in the store or have shipped. Inside the card is a scratch off sticker that will reveal the code needed to access the supplementary material and homework for your class. Some access cards also provide e-texts.

For some classes, you can purchase just the access card. For most classes the card comes with a paper textbook and is sold as a cost-effective bundle.


What if no books are listed for my class?

If you see “Course materials have not been finalized for this section – please check back later”, then this is a new section that has been added and we are awaiting updates from the instructor regarding course materials.

If you see “No course materials are required for this course”, then you do not need to purchase course materials for this class.


Why does it say “Choose ______ of ______?”

In some cases, to offer some lower cost options, there are multiple formats to access your course materials. The most common choice is between a paper textbook and an E-text. Occasionally you can choose among a paper textbook, an access card, and an E-version.

If you choose and are charged for more than one option, please refer to our return policy regarding a refund.


Why have I not been charged for or received all the books that I ordered?

We strive to fulfill your order as quickly as possible with all books/materials that are currently in stock. As backordered materials come in stock, we will complete your order. This could result in more than one transaction per order.


How will I know when my order is ready for pick up?

An email stating that your order has been processed will be sent to the email that you provided on the order. Once you receive that email you are welcome to come into the store during business hours to pick up your order.


How long will it take to ship my order?

Once your order is processed, it will be shipped within 48 hours. UPS picks up Monday -Thursday. Please allow 3-4 days for UPS to deliver.


Can I return a book if I have dropped a class, or my class has been cancelled?

IAll returns are subject to our return policy. If you have dropped a class or your class was cancelled, please bring all paperwork or emails regarding your dropped/cancelled class(s) for confirmation and we will process the return according to our policy. 

How do I return a book?

Please come into the store and bring your receipt, student ID and original credit card. All returns are subject to our refund policy.


What if there is a problem with my order?

If you receive an incorrect, damaged/defective item or the wrong order please email or call us. We will work with you to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.  


How do I cancel my order?

Please call or email us with your name and order number so we can cancel your order. If the order has already been processed, we can return the order subject to our return policy.  


How can I find out the status of my order?

Sign into your account on the bookstore website. Click on “my account” and then “orders”. Click on the appropriate order page and you will be able to see the status of your order, what was filled, what is out of stock and tracking numbers for shipping.


What is a Barchart?

A Barchart is a laminated study guide. Use them along with your textbook and class notes to help you with your studies.


What does it mean to request a substitution?

We suggest you approve substitutions upon checkout. We cannot guarantee that every item that you order will be in stock when the order is finalized by our staff. If a substitution is not approved at check out, we will wait until the out-of-stock item arrives and then finish processing your order. This could result in a delay as well as more than one transaction for an order. If the item(s) are not on order, we will delete the out-of-stock material and you will need to reorder a different item.

Examples of Substitutions:

a) the binder color you have requested is not in stock; we can substitute with a different color.

b) the used book you ordered is no longer available; we can substitute a new book to complete your order.



It seems that the bookstore’s prices are higher than elsewhere, why is that?


Course materials are chosen by the instructors and it is the goal of the bookstore to provide the lowest cost option for students. That could mean that we offer a cost-effective bundle, a less expensive binding option like loose leaf, or sell access to an e-version of the text. While the publisher sets the price of the materials, the bookstore can provide you with options and can guarantee you get the correct course materials for your classes.  


The Spartanburg Community College bookstore cannot be held responsible for materials and books that are purchased from other sources. Students that purchase from the bookstore are protected by and subject to our refund policy.


Used vs. New condition.


New  books are ordered directly from the publisher and contain all components, such as access cards, that are requested by the instructors.


Used  books are acquired at a Buyback and DO NOT contain all components, like access cards, that could be needed for a class.


What is the Buyback?


At the end of each semester, you’ll have the opportunity to try to sell your books for cash.  This is not a refund; it is the opportunity to sell your books after you have used them.  The bookstore uses the information provided by instructors regarding the required materials for the next semester to determine which books are eligible for buyback. (We cannot purchase instructor/desk copies or international copies.) We partner with a national wholesaler to run our buyback. Prices are non-negotiable. Buyback dates/times will be posted on our website and sent via email.